Top reasons to buy a multi-fuel stove

There are so many reasons why people choose to buy multi-fuel stoves. We know that to cover every single possible reason can take all day, so we’ve compiled this article to detail some of the most common reasons, giving you a better idea on why they’re so popular.

Choice of Fuels

The great thing about a multi-fuel stove is that it will burn a variety of fuels, including wood, peat and coal. However, it’s important to note that wood is best burnt in dedicated wood-burning stoves, you’ll get better efficiency this way, so if you’re mainly going to be burning wood, why not consider a log burner?

That said, with the recent soar in fuel prices, more and more people have decided to take a position that a multi-fuel stove is just right. You get complete flexibility and if the worth of coal rises the price of wood may remain low, so you can easily switch depending on the cheapest option, which will, of course, fluctuate throughout the year.

Highly Efficient

Multi fuel stoves are extremely efficient, with some stoves boasting an efficiency rating of 80% plus. Having a highly efficient stove means you’re getting the very best out of your multi fuel stove. The warmth provided from the burning wood or coal is steady, and it’s not lost through the chimney or flue. Also, multi fuel stoves will reduce the quantity of fuel needed to produce heat. Additionally, many multi fuel stoves offer a ‘clean burn’ system which can recycle the surplus gases to the flames, ensuring it can be burnt off efficiently.

Easy to Use

The operation of a multi fuel stove is incredibly easy, on the bulk of multi fuel stoves the controls are intuitive to use. Often, it’s just the case of turning a nob for higher heat, the other way for lower heat. To light the stove is as simple as lighting a match, before you know it, your multi fuel stove will be blasting out desirable heat into your room.


Not only can a multi fuel stove heat your home for several hours, but they’re well and truly built to last the test of your time. Most are made from forged iron, which is among the strongest metals, and this ultimately allows these heavy stoves to handle such high temperatures without the metal bending or flexing.


Many people plan to purchase a multi fuel stove because it’s an efficient means of heating a home. That said, they also look fantastic and there are so many different styles to choose from, including sleek contemporary designs and more traditional designs with intricate details! Buying a multi fuel stove creates an unrivalled feature in any room, offering a warm cosy feeling for those winters’ nights. With such a medley of styles, you’re bound to find the perfect multi fuel stove for your needs.