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All About the Ecodesign Wood Stove

If you haven’t yet heard of Ecodesign with reference to solid fuel burning appliances, then it is very likely that you will hear more in the years to come as they are the immanent future for UK prospective stove owners, from 2022. The UK government has committed to a Clean Air Strategy that aims to promote clean-burning stove usage in an effort to minimise harmful emissions that degrade air quality. This regulation will enforce that by January 2022, all solid fuel burning appliances sold will be required to be Ecodesign Compliant.

The goals of Ecodesign regulations are to reduce particle and carbon monoxide emissions and improve the efficiency and sustainability of all fuel-burning stoves. This initiative is European-wide for all new stoves. Current stove owners will not be affected by this regulatory change but will need to stay aware of any possible government regulation changes as far as areas deemed more heavily affected by wood burning.

If you are new to stove owning, before purchasing a wood stove, you will want to find out if you live in a ‘smoke-controlled area’, because The Clean Air Act rules out the emission of ‘dark smoke’ from the chimneys of stove owners. To help control this, the government has restricted and prohibited the sale of many fuels that emit the most particulates into the air. At present, fuel-burning appliances have to meet the minimum efficiency requirement of operating at 65% minimum heat output.

From January 2022, all solid fuel burning stoves and appliances will be independently tested to ensure they meet the Ecodesign regulations. Ecodesign stoves will offer several benefits such as lower emissions and feature a higher efficiency combustion system that uses 70% less logs than an open fire and 20% less logs than the current standard of stoves, to heat your home. Burning quality fuel, is also important and combined with the new Ecodesign features, will ensure a greener and more sustainable future for stove owners and the environment.