Benefits of using Firewood for your Multi-fuel stove

Firewood is a natural material that is used as a source of energy. There are obviously many different types of wood, and not every kind is suitable for delivering good fuel efficiency, whilst some woods are trickier to burn than others. So generally, when we refer to ‘firewood’, we’re talking about wood that lights easily and burns slowly, giving exceptional warmth. With a multi fuel stove, burning a mixture of wood will normally produce good results in your home. As long as the firewood on the stove is well seasoned, the fire is great. The multi fuel stove accepts a range of materials to burn in it as they have broader capacity.

Benefits of using firewood for your multi -fuel stove

Firewood is cost saving. Wood saves your finances because it is inexpensive, especially if you buy firewood that is unseasoned as you then reduce the cost and season the wood yourself, by storing it in a breathable area, such as a log store. Other fuels types such as gas, electricity are expensive but firewood is a great solution to help save your money. Some homeowners get firewood for free from their gardens or forests.

Firewood is environmental friendly. Wood is eco -friendly compared to fossils fuels. When you burn wood in your home it doesn’t produce any additional carbon dioxide to the surrounding environment. The reason being, when in its natural state, it takes in the carbon dioxide that is around. When it burns, there is then a maintenance in balance.

It is self-sufficient. Firewood is more reliable since climate is very unpredictable leading to electricity power cuts. When you are using firewood for your multi – fuel stove, you don’t have to worry about power outrage. You are self sufficient to feeding your stove with wood and ensure your home remains warm.

Firewood is energy independence. Since gas and oil are non -renewable source of energy, they will run out one day. Electricity is from fossils fuels, which may also reduce. This will lead to their prices getting hiked in the process, as they will be limited. But with firewood in your home it is beneficial because it is a renewable energy source whereby when you cut down trees for wood, you can always replace with others to grow.

Using wood is fun to the family. It is usually a fun activity to source wood for your stove and it may become a regular adventure for your family. When you go looking for the dead and fallen trees or the wood that is waste in the forests, it is fun for your children and also the adults.

Also the wood produces a nice burning flame in the house, which warms up the family during the cold seasons and brings a sense of togetherness in the house.

Wood fire is the most efficient and environmentally way of generating heat with your multi – fuel stove. This because it uses a renewable source of energy that doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions in your home. It is therefore healthy to use firewood when using a multi -fuel stove in your home.