Best Wood to Burn in Your Stove

Every wood is different in the way it burns and to fully enjoy the benefits of your wood stove, it is important to use the best wood for creating a long-lasting flame with good heat output.

The Six Best Woods:

1. Ash (Fraxinus)- is thought to be the very best wood to burn and can even burn when green, although you get the best results when ash is dry, as is true with most any other wood.

2. Beech (Fagus)- is another good burner but not whilst green as it has a much higher moisture content. It is pale cream in colour with a pink or brown hue.

3. Hawthorn (Crataegus)- has a slow burn rate and good heat output.

4. Rowan (Sorbus)- is similar to hawthorn and also known as Mountain Ash.

5. Thorn (Acacia Nilotica)- produces very little smoke, burns slow and produces a good level of heat.

6. Yew (Taxus Baccata)- burns slow, produces intense heat and has a pleasant scent. However, keep away from animals or small children who could attempt to put it in their mouth as it is poisonous, if eaten.