Log Stores

Building your own log store

Log stores are simple to build and they generally have 5-10 panels and a waterproof material for the roof. The timber used for a log store should be oiled to ensure it is protected from the elements, whilst the screws used should be galvanised to prevent them from rusting. With most log stores, the cladding will have gaps between each length, this is crucial as it allows air to circulate between your logs.

The roof section will be made the same way but of course with no gaps in the cladding. Fitting the panels of your log store together is the easy part. The side and back panels should have pre-drilled screw holes. All you need to do there is slot the base and either of the sides together, align the holes and screw together. Once you’ve fixed the second side in the same manner, you can position the rear panel taking care not to stretch the existing joints, line up the holes and there you have it. Many self-build log stores are available flat packed with instructions but you can design one yourself by using images online as inspiration.