Grace Your Home with a REAL Fire

Over the last 10 to 15 years many people have discovered what a great addition to a home proper wood burning stoves can provide. In fact most home owners would now be amazed by the variety of stove types and styles that are available.  Truly, the wood burning stove has come of age!

Examples include basic wood burners in traditional styles to shiek modernistic designs that will grace even the most modern London flat.  They also include options that will use gas or multiple fuels including coal and eco-friendly substitutes.

And then there are the boiler stove models which can actually take over, or feed into, your central heating system.  These boiler stoves can save householders considerable sums, and they are a widely used staple for many farmers and country dwellers.

Double sided stoves, where the fire can potentially be enjoyed front and back, also add a real focal point to multiple rooms or adjoining spaces, sharing the heat equally between the spaces and providing great efficiency.

If you are now looking to move house or to re-design your home’s interior spaces, you could do a lot worse than finding a central position for a really great stove.