How Often Should You Clean Your Wood Stove?

Wood stoves are the closest thing and excellent alternative to having a fireplace in your house. It can not be denied that a fire gives a warm, relaxing and cosy feeling during the winter months but with the use of your wood stove comes the necessity to clean it out. How often should cleanings be done and what are some tips to keeping your stove cleaner?

1. It is recommended that a fortnightly or monthly cleaning schedule be developed.

2. The more often the stove is being used, the more frequent the regular cleanings should happen.

3. To keep your stove cleaner, only burn dry wood and avoid wood that is varnished or painted.

4. Also do not put rubbish in your stove, like an empty crisp packet.

5. Be sure you understand the best ways to clean the exterior and interior of the stove, the flue and the glass door. All require different methods.