How to clean a wood stove

A wood-burning stove is a fantastic fuel source for warming up your home but it does need to be regularly cleaned to ensure it remains as efficient and to extend its life span. A wood stove is often a focal point of a room and a dirty stove will make the room feel unclean. Its recommended that you clean your wood stove at least monthly when it is getting heavy usage.

The first step will be to empty the ash from your stove. You will need to ensure that the ash is completely cool to avoid any fire risks. Start by using a shovel to carefully place the ash into a metal container, once you have removed it all store this outside of your home in a safe place and wait at least 24 hours to dispose of.

The next step will be to clean the glass in your stove. You can purchase a specialist stove glass cleaner or you could try using coal to clean the glass. Simply dampen coal, gently rub on glass, and using a damp cloth wipe.

Lastly, you will need to clean the exterior of your stove. To do this simply dust off using a dry cloth (do not use a damp cloth as over time this can cause rust) and hoover around the stove.