Log Stores

How to correctly store logs for your home’s wood burner

Owning a Wood Burner is exciting but storing logs inside your home can be a little challenging and must be done correctly. Thus, it is important to store them correctly and at the perfect condition. In this article, you’ll discover tips and tricks on how to store logs inside the comfort of your home in the best possible ways.

Season Your Wood- Before bringing wood inside your home, make sure that it is completely dried and well-seasoned to avoid bugs and insects entering your home. It also removes scent and moisture, as well as bark or sap. It is extremely important not to burn wood that isn’t dried out correctly, as you do not want any unpleasant fumes or smells entering your home.

Give Your Logs a Proper Shelter- Your logs must always be protected from moisture. Keep it free from grass, plants and weeds to keep it dry. You can simply lay a metal sheet right on top of your pile to guard against the rain. This trick will also help in giving off heat to the firewood during sunny days.

Where to stack up the Logs- Pile them in a spot where there are enough sunlight and wind. These factors speed up the drying process. Also, make sure not to store them inside your room or basement because mold fungus will arise as it absorbs moisture.

Stack them at a Maximum of 4ft High- Logs stocked beyond maximum height may be unsteady and more likely to fall. Aside from that, it is important to secure them properly in place to allow for some movement.

Keep It Safe- Pile your logs close enough to avoid children and pets climbing between. Not only that it creates a safety environment but it also removes the hassle of piling them again once they fall over.

Get Organised- You may not know it, but softwoods such as Pine take more time to season than hardwoods like Birch. If you have both types, make sure to have separate file for the two. That way, you’ll know which ones you’ll be using first. If you don’t have adequate outdoor storage for the logs, buying ready to use wood burner logs is another option. That way, you only need to stack them inside your home and they are ready to use immediately.

Having a log burning fire in your home adds amazing character and aroma, that’s why keeping your stove well maintained is a top priority. Cleaning the chimney and inner stove area is important to reduce the risk of a home fire and also improve the energy efficiency of the heat produced.  Cleaning a log burning fire can be easy if done before each use, that way you won’t get a buildup of old soot, and you will be able to light an effective fire each time. Cleaning your chimney can be a little bit trickier, and hiring a professional chimney sweep may be necessary to make sure it is adequately cleaned and ready to go.