The Benefits Of Using Briquettes For Your Log Burner

Are you thinking about using briquettes for your log burner? If you’re interested in briquettes, it’s a wise idea to look at some of the benefits that they offer. Here are a few of the advantages of switching over to briquettes.

They Burn More Slowly

One of the biggest advantages of briquettes is that they burn far more slowly than logs do. You won’t have to worry about replacing your briquettes quickly. Since they burn so slowly, you’ll be able to enjoy your fires for a very long time.

They’re More Energy Efficient

The slow-burning properties of briquettes also make them the most energy-efficient option. If you’re always looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, you might find that switching over to briquettes is a smart idea. Switching over to briquettes is a simple way to improve the way you use your log burner. They also have lower ash content than similar materials, like coal.

They Don’t Produce Smoke

Briquettes offer a few unique properties that help to make them feel distinct from logs. Most notably, they don’t produce any smoke when they are burned. If you’re sick of dealing with smoke, you can avoid it by switching over to briquettes. You’ll be able to burn them without creating any smoke at all. Of course, it’s important you have the stove installed correctly as any stove can cause smoke if there are errors with the installation. You may for example need a particular type of twin wall flue, but we’re simply talking about a log burner that has been installed correctly and is using briquettes.

They’re Easy To Store

It’s hard to predict when you’re going to need briquettes for your log burner. Thankfully, it’s easy to buy or even make briquettes and store them for future use. Since they’re so easy to save and store, you’ll have briquettes on-hand anytime you want to start a fire.

It’s clear that briquettes offer quite a few appealing perks. If you’re frustrated with logs, you should try using briquettes in your log burner instead. You’ll find that briquettes offer a much better experience at all.

How are they made?

You may also be wondering about the briquetting process, but the answer is quite simple. The briquetting process involves creating combustible blocks from various materials, like cotton stalk, bagasse, almond shells, cumin waste, rice husk and tea husk. These blocks can be used as a cooking fuel, or for heat or to even generate electricity. As no binder is used in the entire briquetting process, the briquette blocks are completely clean and green, making it perfect for use in open fires, furnaces and boilers. So overall, they are cheap, easy to use, environmentally friendly, easy to store and efficient, so they make a great addition to most people’s living rooms and you can also buy them in very big bags, so it’s fairly simple to stay topped up throughout the winter months.