Things to Consider When Buying a Wood Stove

When considering the purchase of a wood stove there are a few things you need to keep in mind so that you purchase the one that will be fit for your space and produce the amount of heat you want.

Questions to Ask Yourself

What fuel should I burn?

Coal and wood are the two main options for a stove. Coal will typically be the more expensive and less eco-friendly option as it produces more CO2 when burned. You will also need to consider which item is easily available to you, how you will store either option and if you live in a smoke-controlled area.

Should I have a multi-fuel or wood only stove?

As the names suggest, wood stoves will only burn wood or paper whereas the multi-fuel stove will also burn coal. The main difference is that a stove that also burns coal will offer a way for air to reach the coal from below, which helps it burn as opposed to wood which likes air from above.

What wattage of stove do you need?

Stoves can vary from 3-15 kilowatts and your choice should be based on the size of the room the stove will be in and if the room is efficient in holding in heat. You can gauge what wattage you need by measuring the room in metres then multiplying the height, width and length, then dividing by 14.

After all of this, it is still best to speak to a specialist to ensure that you are getting what is right for you or to help you make your decision if you are still unsure.