What makes a great wood stove?

We’re sure one of the first words that comes to mind is ‘efficiency’. It’s true, efficiency is very important, no matter what stove you’re looking to buy, and there are many efficient wood-burning stoves and multifuel stoves available today. That said, there are plenty of other features that make for a great stove too. With contemporary log burners, they are generally rather sleek and minimal, but you can also discover traditional stoves that add classic character and charm to a room. different styles work better in different rooms. Size is also an important consideration. You may only want a nice little one which can comfortably heat a small room, that’s easy to clean and doesn’t require masses of wood to run. The bigger the stove is, the more wood needed and that does come at quite a price. Put simply there are lots of things that help make a good stove great!